Plasma cell, Iron stain preparation, proerythroblast

Left frame: 1 Plasma cell containing multiple large blue staining granules and one NRBC (bottom) containing numerous small blue staining granules. This is an Iron Stain preparation and the blue granules are hemosiderin. The NRBC is a pathologic sideroblast since there are many positive granules which are localized in distribution.
Right frame: 1 Proerythroblast with a high nuclear/cytoplasmic ratio, blue cytoplasm showing a colorless area where the Golgi, mitochondria and centrosome are located, and a semi-dense nuclear chromatin evenly distributed. Above it is a Plasma Cell with five large black granules in its cytoplasm. The left frame is stained with Wright's-Giemsa and the right frame with Potassium Ferrocyanide.
Alcoholic with liver disease. Marrow - 100X


Image ID: 0148-019

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