Reactive, plasmacytoid, basophilic, reticular lymphocytes

Top left frame: A Reactive Lymphocyte showing medium-large size, generous blue cytoplasm, irregular shaped cell outline and nucleus, semi-dense nuclear chromatin.
Lower left frame: A Plasmacytoid Lymphocyte of large size, abundant basophilic cytoplasm which contains several vacuoles, and coarse nuclear chromatin. They are called Plasmacytoid lymphocytes because of their similarity to plasma cells in cytoplasmic color and nuclear density. They have also been termed Basophilic Lymphocytes due to their cytoplasmic color or Reticular Lymphocyte due to their coarse reticular nuclear pattern. The term Turk Cell has also been used. They are lymphocytes that have been stimulated and are in transition to plasma cells.
Right frame: 1 small Plasmacytoid Lymphocyte with very basophilic blue cytoplasm and a dense nuclear chromatin. It resembles a plasma cell in these two features. One late neutrophil with only two lobes. Chicken pox blood - 100X


Image ID: 0147-013

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